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Committed to upholding the workplace’s health, safety, and compliance with local regulations, our Occupational Health Service delivers a complete range of specialized services, from risk identification to reduction planning.

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Complete compliance with local legal requirements, such as noise regulations. Holistic approach to workplace health including assessment, reduction planning, and surveillance. Multiple health clinics for easy access and convenience with high-level professionalism imbued within expertise and experience.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the services provided by the Occupational Health Clinics?

Our Occupational Health Clinics provide a wide range of services such as medical and health surveillance, health hazard evaluations, drug and alcohol testing, and return to work assessments.

How does your Health Advisor Consultancy service operate?

Our consultancy service conducts an in-depth investigation to identify potential health hazards at a client's location. The impact of these hazards on operations is evaluated and reduction planning is done accordingly.

Do you maintain medical records and reports?

Yes, we maintain digitized medical reports through FitDatas, a platform secured by liquidweb. Our process is fully compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

How is drug and alcohol testing performed?

We conduct onsite and clinic drug and alcohol testing services, supervised by a certified Assistance Medical Review Officer (AMRO). Our services ensure a safe and substance-free work environment for all employees.


Employees safety and health is our priority.

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Cultivate healthy organisational culture.

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Trainings for a safe working environment.