Occupational Health Services


Occupational Health & Services consists of services in compliance with local legal requirements such as noise regulations, related to risk identification, risk of exposure & reduction planning.

List of Services

Occupational Health Clinics

We have 3 Occupational Health Clinics which is Berkat Ampang Clinic, Berkat Sentral Clinic & Berkat Kemaman Clinic

Health Advisor Consultancy

We conduct an in-depth investigation to evaluate the health hazards at our client locations and workplace as well as the impact on operations

Medical Surveillance

We are capable to conduct medical and health surveillance following exposure to chemical hazardous to health as stipulated by DOSH

Medical Record & Reporting

We maintain digitalize medical report through fitdatas which is secured by liquidweb and in accordance with PDPA

Drug & Alcohol Testing

We are able to provide services onsite and clinic for drug and alcohol testing performed by certified Assistance Medical Review Officer (AMRO)

Return to Work Assessment

Return to Work Assessment to ensure the patient are physically and mentally fit to perform their duties following illnesses or injuries. We are also capable to do Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) and Cognitive Basic Testing (COGBAT) to determine the physical capabilities and cognitive function of an individual