Industrial Hygiene


We have competent team of Industrial Hygienist (IH) to cater to your organization needs.

List of Services

Workplace Air Monitoring

We have competent personnel to conduct indoor air quality to monitor for air borne contaminants

Chemical Health Risk Assessment

Company that handles hazardous chemicals in workplace is required to undertake a Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA) and to conduct personal exposure monitoring to determine the significance of exposure level. We at BOSH we have competent person to conduct the chemical monitoring as required by the authorities

Heat Stress Management at Workplace

There are 3 steps we provide to assess the person for heat stress management which is Heat Stress Questionnaire, Heat Stress Monitoring and Heat Stress Control Assessment

Ergonomic Assessment & Work Impairment Analysis

Our personnel examine physical of a person at their workplace to verify proper working postures and workstation setup


Hearing Conversation Program

BOSH provide hearing conservation training and hearing protective equipment. We also provide audiometry surveillance to comply with the current noise exposure 2019


Noise Risk Assessment

Workplace Noise Risk Assessment and noise mapping are methods of measuring noise levels in the workplace that may be hazardous to employees health and safety