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Leveraging our expert team of Industrial Hygienists (IH), we offer specialized services designed to safeguard your workforce’s health and safety while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Collaborate with our Expert Industrial Hygienists for a Healthier Work Environment

At Berkat OSH, we are trailblazers of healthy workplace environments, starting with expert management of indoor air quality. Our rigorous airborne contaminant monitoring safeguards your staff from harmful pollutants, ensuring a safer, cleaner work setting. For workplaces posing potential chemical hazards, we provide comprehensive Chemical Health Risk Assessments (CHRA) to identify and minimize risks thoroughly.

This meticulous approach ensures adherence to safety guidelines and promotes a secure environment for employees. Additionally, we actively mitigate the impact of challenging work environments with our effective Heat Stress Management strategies, fostering a comfortable and safe work atmosphere regardless of external conditions.

Our ergonomic assessments inform proper working postures and optimal workstation set-ups, protecting employees from preventable physical strain. In line with noise exposure guidelines, we provide comprehensive hearing conservation training and equipping, ensuring your employees are well protected and informed about maintaining their auditory health. At Berkat OSH, we believe Prevention is better than cure, and safety is fundamental, and that’s the standard we set in every workplace.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do you handle Work-place Air Monitoring?

Our adept team conducts detailed assessments of the indoor air quality at the workplace, focusing on the detection and management of airborne contaminants to optimize workers' health and comfort.

What does a Chemical Health Risk Assessment entail?

Organizations dealing with hazardous chemicals are required to adhere to a Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA) and conduct personal exposure monitoring. BOSH, with its competent team, ensures compliance by conducting the required chemical monitoring.

What steps do you take for Heat Stress Management at workplaces?

We follow a three-step process for Heat Stress Management which includes: a Heat Stress Questionnaire, Heat Stress Monitoring, and Heat Stress Control Assessment.

What's involved in the Hearing Conversation Program?

Our Hearing Conservation Program provides training and protective equipment to comply with noise exposure regulations. Additionally, we offer audiometry surveillance to keep a keen eye on potential hearing-related health issues.


Employees safety and health is our priority.

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