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Ensuring that all employees are capable of carrying out their jobs in a safely manner.
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Medical Surveillance

Your workforce is the pulse of your business.​

Ensuring that all employees are capable of carrying out their job descriptions in a safe manner, free from physical hindrances, increases your company’s ability to remain strong and thrive in our world economy.

Travel Health Services

Protecting your employees whenever they travel.

In many industries, employees must travel to other countries or regions to fulfil their work responsibilities. These other regions may pose health risks to your employees. Keep them healthy everywhere they go with our travel health services.

We are here for you, every step of the way

We are ready to discuss with you better practices that protect your workforce from preventable accidents. Our consulting services helps ensure a seamless transition between your current mode of operations and the intended changes.

Occupational Health Services Tailored For You

Protecting your investment in your workforce.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Evaluate your employees about their health risks and quality of life. Our HRA will help identify individuals with health problems that need immediate attention.

Medical Equipment Supply

With our experienced and certified staff, we will help you select the right and cost-effective product for your specific medical equipment needs.

Occupational Health Advisor

We will oversee the wellbeing of your workforce, workstation assessments and health surveillance. We will give professional advice in occupational health.

IT Health Management System

Our all-in-one scheduling of routine check-ups for patients, their medical needs, lab results and follow-up protocols will ensure the integrity of patient info.

Health Programs & Training

Keeping employees safe and healthy while on the job requires specific training for your industry. We provide employees with tailored training and other ongoing educational programs.

Return to Work (RTW)

Helping reintegrate injured workers into the workplace as soon as they are medically able. Thus avoiding the cost of hiring and training replacement workers.

Medical Surveillance

Detecting potential threats to employee health and safety in the workplace to help employers focus on improvements that will keep employee incidents to a minimum while still maintaining production at optimal levels.

Medical Examination

To ensure that all employees remain fit for the rigours required for carrying out their duties, a medical examination should take place on a regular basis and also after any injury.

Pre-Employment Screening

Before finalizing a job offer to a potential employee, it is crucial to both your business and your current employees that existing health conditions or diseases to not pose problems for the fulfilment of work duties.

Travel Health

Depending on the region your employee needs to visit, we have the protective means to ensure a safe trip and a continued ability to engage in normal work duties upon their return.

Drug & Alcohol Test

We provide random testing at random, either of dates or employees chosen, or both, that can rule out unwanted drug use that otherwise will remain undetected.

Respirator Fit Test

Fit testing for partial or full face masks will be made before beginning a new position. Every employee must complete fit testing using the same model and size of respirator mask that will be used during their duties.

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