Management Of Occupational Noise Related Hearing Disorder (ONRHD)

Course Overview

All OHDs are required to undergo training on the most recent Guidelines for Management of Occupational Noise-Related Hearing Diseases (ONRHDs), 2021, as per DOSH regulations for OHD renewal of registration.

Berkat OSH Services Sdn Bhd has been given permission by DOSH to organise the ONRHDs training for OHDs (link to DOSH approval letter). Top-notch occupational physicians and audiologists will teach this seminar. All of them have DOSH certifications.

The course will place a strong emphasis on legal compliance and the fundamentals of audiometric testing. The main goal of the course is to give participants the necessary information and abilities to evaluate audiometric results and handle cases in accordance with clinical and legal requirements.



Per paticipant

Course Duration: 2 Days

Who should take this course?

What you will learn in this course

Overview of Noise Exposure Regulations, and its ICOP

Hearing conservation programme

Utilization of noise assessment report (NRA)

Overview of audiometric testing

Audiometric testing procedures

Interpretation and review of audiogram

Medical examination and referral

Establishing work-relatedness of hearing loss

SOCSO compensation

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is ONRHD training all about?

ONRHD training is designed to educate employees on identifying and managing hearing loss and other hearing-related disorders that are associated with occupational noise exposure.

Is ONRHD training mandatory for all employees?

In Malaysia, employers are required to provide ONRHD training to all employees who are exposed to occupational noise levels that have the potential to cause hearing disorders.

What topics are covered in ONRHD training?

ONRHD training covers topics such as the anatomy of the ear, how noise can affect hearing, how to use and maintain personal protective equipment (PPE), and the importance of early detection and treatment of hearing disorders.

Will I receive a certificate after completing the ONRHD training programme?

Yes, BOSH will issue a certificate of completion after an employee has participated in and successfully completed the ONRHD training programme. This serves as evidence that the employee has completed the required ONRHD training.