Post Graduate Certificate In Occupational Medicine (PGCOM)

Course Overview

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Occupational Medicine (PGCOM) is organised by BOSH in collaboration with University Science of Malaysia (USM). The training is approved by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) and the candidate is eligible for OHD exam in NIOSH.

It is an Occupational Health competency Based Training which emphasis on knowledge, skills and attitude. The participants will be taught on the best practices of clinical occupational medicine and corporate occupational health with a lot of problem-based case studies presented.

The course is designed for the practising medical doctor to meet the expectations from various industrial players and stakeholders.



Per paticipant

Course Duration: 9 Days

Who should take this course?

What you will learn in this course

Theoretical knowledge in evidence-based occupational medicine

Understand the impact of occupational hazards on worker health

Describe the influence of health on worker performance

Health protection frameworks in occupational health services

Clinical investigation techniques and occupational health tools

Assess worker's capacity for their specific job roles

Promote worker health and wellness effectively

Implement health strategies in the workplace

Regulatory and ethical considerations

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How Many CPD Points is available for this course?

20 CPD points per module. Hence in total , 60 points is awareded

Is the certificate for this course will be sign by BOSH only or USM included?

Since this course is the collaboration of both USM and BOSH, hence both signature will be awarded

Who is the Post Graduate Certificate in Occupational Medicine (PGCOM) course designed for?

The PGCOM course is designed for healthcare professionals who are interested in specializing in occupational medicine, particularly those who aim to enhance their knowledge and skills in addressing the unique health and safety concerns of workers in various industries.

What career opportunities can I expect after completing the Post Graduate Certificate in Occupational Medicine (PGCOM) course?

Mainly, graduates of the PGCOM course may embark on a career as Occupational Health Physicians, Safety Officers, or Occupational Health Advisors in various sectors, particularly the oil and gas industry. They can work in clinical, corporate, or industrial settings, helping organizations improve their health and safety standards for the workforce.