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To remain competitive and stay in business, companies must provide a safe work environment for all their employees, not just their full-time employees. You may already have the best safety and training programs; however, accidents are impossible to predict and control 100% of the time. A professional consultant such as Berkat OSH can help you reduce overhead costs and implement cost-effective solutions.

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What You Should Know About Occupational Health Consultancy

Workplaces present a great number of possible risks. The role of the consultant is to promote a positive health and safety culture in the workplace. It is clear that businesses of all kinds can greatly benefit from occupational health consultancy services.

Companies in the IT sector, corporate entities with many employees, and even medium & small sized companies can all rely on a consultant to match their occupational health and safety strategies to ensure compliance with mandatory regulations to investigate accidents on site and document reports and to formulate recommendations for improvement. The team at Berkat OSH can also advise on a range of problems which include health issues, noise & vibration problems, stresses and strains, and much more.

Benefits of Working with Us

Your total satisfaction is our mission.

Increase Employee Morale & Engagement

Employees' health and emotions affects the occupational operations.
Healthy employees are more resilient and effective. The advice and services our consultants provide are tailored around your type of business, making procedures easier to implement and results in a noticeable and dynamic difference.

Cultivate Healthy Organisational Culture

Berkat OSH assess and improves the health of your employees.
We work in partnership with our clients to develop and arrange campaigns, that include specific health awareness activities and focus on tackling general issues, and those we identify as specific to your organization.

Occupational Health Consultancy Objectives

Berkat OSH medical consultants prioritize the needs of your team and industry.
Our goal is to provide proactive, targeted, occupational health and safety solutions that reduce employee absence, establish a healthy organizational culture, and promote the overall physical and mental wellbeing of everyone working within your organization.
  • we design our programs to promote an increase in productivity.
  • provide health-related support & guidance.
  • enhance the quality of life for your team.

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Why Should You Choose Berkat OSH?

Check out some of the reasons why companies and managers always turn to us for advice.

Exclusive Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy

By working in partnership with our clients, we can develop unique campaigns that include specific health promotion and awareness activities.

Modern Strategies and Proven Results

We focus on tackling both commonplace health issues and specific industrial health risks specific to your business type. We recognize modern practices and can help you deal with almost anything.

Experienced Specialists

Each consultant on our team is a highly qualified specialist who has spent years adding to their skills and developing strategies for various kinds of industries.

Dedicated to Your Satisfaction

We work hard to demonstrate that an improvement in the health of your team, it will immediately lead to a significant increase in performance and productivity. Making use of our proactive intervention will help you keep your employees happy and feeling great at all times.

Occupational Health Consultancy FAQ

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What is a work health assessment (WHA)?

WHA helps to identify health problems in the early stages of recruiting new employees. Timely adjustments can be made to integrate new members of the team into the workplace.

What results should I expect from an absence management strategy?

Reducing employee absence levels is at the heart of our service. Our comprehensive process focuses on early intervention and early return-to-work strategies.

What is included in your health surveillance programs?

Examples of our programs may include the following: drivers & forklift truck operator’s assessment, a food handler assessment, cardiorespiratory and dermatology investigations, audiology assessment, cold storage reviews, night workers screening, drug & alcohol screening, industry-specific assessments, and much more.

How often do I need to carry out a health and safety audit?

To ensure the policies and arrangements are effective, we advise a regular audit is carried out at least once a year.

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