Medevac & Air Ambulance Service in Malaysia

Our Medevac Service in Malaysia

Medical evacuation transportation also referred to as medevac transport, is often required for patients who are hospitalised in a foreign country and cannot be taken back to their home country by ground ambulance. Our air ambulance in Malaysia is spacious enough to fit the patient as well as a team of capable medics on board to ensure the patient’s stability during the move to the nearest qualified facility.

Whether you are visiting family or travel to distant destinations, the need for this type of services is indispensable. Berkat OSH uses medevac service in Malaysia for critical cases. We offer expert medical decisions and effective medevac plans for those working in the oil & gas production sector, oil rigs, oil platforms, and other remote locations.


The best way to handle patients.
Our private air ambulance in Malaysia offers you the most private way to travel when you are sick, injured, or need emergency medical attention. Commercial flights do offer privacy curtains, but schedules will be dictated by the airlines and patient privacy and comfort will be compromised.

Customized Solutions

Berkat OSH provides professional care for you.
There are certain devices not allowed on commercial flights. On our private ambulance, you or your family is in control. Our team will equip the helicopter with everything you need, including heart monitors, medications, IV fluids etc. We will to the best of our abilities, ensure that our patients will receive the best of emergency medical care and comfort en route to the nearest full medical facility.

In need of a fast and reliable transportation and medical care?

Berkat OSH's Medevac Service caters to your medical emergencies.
  • Our professionals have years of experience in this line of work and are well-prepared to handle any situations.
  • Our crew of critical care flight medics and nurses will accompany the patient on the aircraft.
  • We deliver multiple levels of specialised care available on every helicopter for long-distance medical evacuation transportation.

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Medevac Service in Malaysia FAQ

If you would like to discuss any questions with us directly, give us a call at +603-8690 3001

What types of aircraft are typically used for transportation?

There is no standard aircraft utilised in the industry. You can be transported either by an aeroplane or a helicopter. The air ambulance fleet in Malaysia we use comprises of modern helicopters equipped with all necessary equipment to ensure patients’ safety and comfort.

Who can request medical evacuation transportation services?

The services can be requested by physicians, medically trained first responders at the accident scene, and other personnel determined by state or local protocols.

What are the types of medical conditions suffered by patients to require flight medevac?

Medical seizures, pulmonary seizures, spinal trauma, burns, pediatric, organ procurement, high-risk OB, non-trauma neuro, and cardiac conditions typically warrants immediate evacuations.

How many transports does the industry dispatch each year?

Specialists estimate that there are nearly 400 000 transports annually. We offer professional transportation from Malaysia to other countries, as well as from other countries (worldwide) to Malaysia.


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