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Revolutionizing the Oil & Gas Industry with IoT

The oil and gas industry is still evolving and filled with challenges. To stay competitive, businesses must continually strive to provide products at a lower cost. They are also constantly searching for ways to enhance and extend the value of their existing assets while searching for new oil & gas reserves. IoT (the Internet of Things) helps improve efficiency and reduces downtime through predictive analytics and machine learning. IOT powers businesses with data sources from various devices and helps gain useful insights to make informed business decisions.

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More About IOT Research & Development and the Oil & Gas Industry

The business of extracting and transporting oil and gas is filled with challenges, and to effectively overcome them you must have a plan; one that is specially designed for his type of business, and its objectives. IoT offers you the chance to easily acquire analytics data, that can help prevent potential problems and enables you to react effectively to various situations. IoT is making it a lot easier for businesses to collect information, which will lead to more calculated business decisions. It helps optimize pumping activities, maintain equipment, monitor equipment failure and gas leaks, and prevents accidents.

Benefits of Using IOT Research & Development for Your Business

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Improved Operational Efficiency

Instilling updated technology to businesses.
According to forecasts from reliable sources, the industry will be facing losses in the next few years as the current workers begin to retire, there are fewer people with industry-expertise to fill the vacant roles. Leveraging the capabilities of IoT can reduce troubleshooting time for days to minutes, which leaves more time to spend on other areas for improvement of the business.

Decreased Safety Risk

Using technology as a step to be better in safety and health.
Safety is the largest concern in the oil & gas industry. IoT can reduce risks by identifying potential problems before they become safety hazards. Remote troubleshooting means a constant and efficient regulation of oil rigs.

Why should you consider using IoT?

IoT impactful to growing businesses.
Most industries has been dealing with problems largely attributed to the antiquated and inefficient approach that many businesses take to maintain assets and collect data. But not anymore! IoT offers great benefits for businesses. These include:
  • Improved operation efficiency with accurate real-time data.
  • Optimizing operational and maintenance cost with predictive analysis.
  • Helping businesses understand and visualise big data which were really hard to harness before.

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We help clients and partners who require top quality performance with our uncompromising engineering practices and design methodologies that exceed stringent environmental requirements and industry standards.

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Our experts have pioneered a successful system approach that assures that all the pieces work together seamlessly when connecting devices to systems and everything in between. From device management to connectivity management and data management - rest assured your business needs will be met, and your expectations exceeded!

IOT Research and Development FAQ

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What exactly is the Internet of Things?

IoT refers to the network of things (all physical objects) that can be connected to the Internet to collect and share data without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Why it is called IoT?

The term Internet of Things came about in 1999. It originally described the concept of tagging every object in a person’s life with machine-readable codes, but today it covers a much broader spectrum. It encompasses ubiquitous connectivity, sensors, devices, analytics, machine learning, and many other technologies.

Can you give an example of an IoT solution?

Any combination of devices or other data sources, outfitted with sensors and Internet-connected hardware to securely report information back to a platform is an IoT solution.

What is predictive maintenance?

It refers to a method of maintenance created using IoT that rely on data from a combination of sources including machine components and other indicators which inform an operator of the areas requiring attention before any service interruption occurs.

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