Industrial Hygiene

Keep Your Workers Healthy and Safe with Proactive Industrial Hygiene Programs.

Occupational hygiene also known as industrial hygiene is a science dedicated to the anticipation and control of environmental stressors in the workplace that may result in injury, impairment, illness, and other factors that may affect the wellbeing of your workers or community members.

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More About Our Industrial Hygiene Consulting

Industrial or occupational hygiene is the discipline of recognizing, evaluating and controlling health hazards in the working environment with the objective of protecting workers’ health and wellbeing. There are many aspects of occupational hygiene work. Some of the main steps include exposure controls, hazard communication, and reassessments.

Hygienists keep workers, and the communities surrounding workplaces, healthy and safe. They will also ensure compliance with regulations and laws in the work environment. Businesses of all kinds are obligated to perform checks at least once a year to ensure the wellbeing of their employees.

Benefits of Working with Berkat OSH

Enrolling in a qualified industrial hygiene consulting course will help you:

Improve Your Workers’ Health & Wellness

A safe working environment leads to happier employees.
It is important to assess all hazards and take the appropriate measures to combat them. Maintaining high occupational hygiene standards help you reduce employee susceptibility to injury and illness as well.

Improve Business Productivity with Our Industrial Hygiene Programs

Berkat OSH is well experienced with industrial safety and hygiene.
A variety of industries demand high-environmental standards to protect the health and wellbeing of their employees and the public at large. To minimize potential risks for business operations, we suggest you hire a team of consultants. We will help you garner the skills to respond safely to a variety of hazardous materials.

Industrial Hygiene Objectives

Every industry need to prioritize an industrial standard hygiene.
By maintaining a healthy environment, you can retain happy employees for a lifetime. Industrial workplaces demand high standards of safety to keep qualified specialists on board. It is our mission to help you develop efficient processes to bolster your company’s breadth and scope!

For industrial consulting, look no further than Berkat OSH.
  • Our hygienist ensures that the workplace meets the international standard for safety.
  • We incorporate consultations and assistance to encourage positive hygiene practices to the company.
  • Hygienist provides extensive method to evaluate, assess and control potential health hazards.

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We will work with you to prevent problems rather than manage them!

Custom Solutions

Good industrial hygiene is an important aspect of company management. Assessing and controlling risks from hazardous work practices and substances is more than just another obligation for employers.

Increased Safety

Our services will help you to make your workplace safer. This will have a positive effect on productivity, workforce retention, and competitiveness. We provide services and consulting to help you increase safety while minimizing risks.


Our consultants will honestly answer all your questions and make sure you understand the needs of comprehensive programs so you can better protect your investment and your valued workforce.

Reliable Company

With a team of experts specializing in various kinds of jobs, we develop solutions that contribute to risk prevention and performance improvement to help organizations of all kinds create long-term value through our regulatory expertise and technical support.

Industrial Hygiene FAQ

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What industrial exposures need to be assessed?

Exposure limits are established concentrations that will not generally cause adverse effects to the health of your workers. However, if exceeded, will reduce your workers’ productivity and cause discomfort and stress. This is the moment when you need to call an expert.

How is a hazard controlled?

After a hazard has been identified, measures can be implemented to reduce exposure and improve the environment. Controlling hazards requires the collaboration of employers, supervisors, health & safety committee, and third parties.

Employees are complaining of headaches. Could it be something in the air?

You might be experiencing a ventilation problem that is causing air to be distributed inadequately within your facility. Our experts can look at your system and test for the ideal temperature, humidity, flow, and more.

Will my workers worry about their work environment if they see your consultant doing tests?

Actually, it is quite the opposite. Our experience has shown that it makes workers more comfortable to see that you care about their well-being and hire experts to evaluate the environment.

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