Health Safety & Environment Trainings

Health, Safety, and Environmental Training Courses

When it comes to owning and managing any type of business, the importance of detailed health and safety training is essential. Training your team can reduce your insurance premiums, enhances your local reputation, increases productivity, reduces absence, and protects you from legal costs.

We organize courses that cover health, safety, and environmental management. We educate people to help them improve their knowledge and skills, reduce safety risks in offices, and make work environments healthier and safer for everyone.

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More About Our HSE Trainings & Courses

Workplaces can be dangerous, especially for heavy industries such as construction, manufacturing, and logistics. But there are even hazards in offices, hotels, restaurants, and stores. Through training (health safety environment), employees gain the necessary skills to improve their overall wellbeing and become more conscious of the dangers within their workplace.

After implementing a health & safety program, companies experience an increase in productivity. A wellness program can lower health care and insurance costs and lessen the risk of prosecutions and fines. Simply put, training courses can help your business flourish!

Why should you train with Berkat OSH?

Below you see just a few of the great benefits that come along with the proper implementation of health & safety training.

Ability to Respond to Unexpected Emergencies

Berkat OSH provides HSE trainings for a safe working environment.
There will be times when unexpected emergencies occur. The fact that your employees are trained to handle such situations accordingly helps you gain control over things and quickly deal with the situation and return to normal operations.

Alleviate Direct Costs

A competent worker is a business greatest asset.
For a business owner, the direct costs can quickly accumulate. Medical expenses, higher insurance premiums, prosecution costs, and payments for days off are all direct costs that can significantly decrease if you invest in creating a knowledgeable workforce.

What are the Objectives of Our Training (Health Safety Environment)?

Our comprehensive trainings are tailored to the need of your industry.
The government introduced guidelines and consequences for unsafe and unhealthy environments, and today’s businesses should strive to educate and protect their workers from unnecessary injuries and illnesses. Our goals are to:
  • develop an effective health and safety program that enriches your employee.
  • HSE training helps to prepare the team to prevent injuries before they happen.
  • To make sure that the team are fully trained to assess patients, prioritize treatments and prepped for medical evacuation.

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Why Choose Us?

Berkat OSH aims to provide only effective, flexible training and consulting services to meet your needs for very competitive prices.

Proven Methods

By listening carefully to our clients, we determine their specific needs. Then we develop specific project proposals with agreed time scales and deliverables.

Guaranteed Results

We deliver outstanding, around-the-clock training solutions for any kind of workplace scenario via our committed and extensively experienced instructors.

Exceptional Customer Service

We support our clients to implement the new skills and practices they learn. We always respond swiftly to service calls and always have an expert available to assess your situation.

Flexible Approach

We can cover all shift patterns over seven days. If you have specific requirements, contact us to discuss them with our consultants. We assure you we will meet your needs.

Training (Health Safety Environment) FAQ

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Why is it important to have health, safety, and environmental training?

Hundreds of people are killed each year in accidents at work, and over one million are injured. Preventing accidents and ill health caused by work should be a key priority for everyone. As a business manager, it is your responsibility to ensure your employees go on health and safety training courses.

Can training help reduce workplace stress?

Stress leads to depression and concentration problems. The main reason includes extended work hours, excessive workloads, job insecurity, and issues which occur between co-workers.

Safety training can help your employees be aware of the stress factors of all kinds and stay healthy all year round.

What is the best method of training for my staff?

We offer various options, including classroom and distance learning. We can schedule dates for courses that will take place in your building or another location in the area according to your requirements. We train groups of people or individuals upon request.

How many hours of study and tuition do you recommend?

Hours of private and class contact time vary depending on the qualifications you want your team to receive. Call our instructors for further details.

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