Employee Wellness

Why Employee Wellness is Important?

In this fast-paced business world, employee wellness programs are more important than ever before. Leaders are responsible for many operations, which inevitably results in leading a more stressful lifestyle. They work longer hours, eat ready-to-go meals that lack nutrition, and are constantly on the go between meetings. All this adds up to a wholly unbalanced lifestyle which translates in an increased risk of illness.

The need for executives to maintain a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever. These people need unique solutions that balance health and wellness with the demands of their job. Our employee wellness program has answers on how to create that balance.

Customized programs

We instill better practices for smoother business operations.
Berkat OSH understands the challenges that corporations have and works with organizations to coordinate their appointments to ensure scheduling is efficient. We also provide customized programs based on individual business needs and budgets.

An investment that will pay in time

Berkat OSH Employee Wellness program proved to be more cost effective.
Early identification of medical problems as part of a prevention strategy for executives is a corporate investment into any business’ leadership team. Predetermining issues long before they show helps you act accordingly and reduces stress and costs.

Why Have an Employee Wellness Program?

Berkat OSH provide you an extensive and tailored program according to the standards and your company's needs.
  • By implementing preventative health screenings and other services, you will be cutting down on healthcare costs in the long run.
  • Another reason is the greater sense of belonging which usually leads to a better work ethic and generally more positive atmosphere.
  • Monitoring employees health and wellness ensures that the team is well fit and meet the optimum health and wellness requirements for carrying out their duties..

Want to with a Wellness Specialist?

Employee Wellness Program FAQ

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What are the results of an executive wellness program?

Specialized programs empower a win-win situation - for both the business and the busy executive - by improving the quality of their life and expanding the possibilities for individual & professional achievement.

What should be provided?

Programs are developed and initiated in close collaboration with a team of wellness practitioners and expert physicians. Proven practices are combined with modern technology, conventional medical integrations, and nutritional recommendations.

Can you give an example of some of the services included in these programs?

Some of the services included in your program will be personal counselling, treatment, and therapy advice; facilitation of all the preferred services; executive health assessments; recommendation of therapies or treatments; aftercare and monitoring services, and much more.

What are the advantages of health programs for executives?

Stress relief, professional and personal peak performance, illness prevention & fast recovery, positive quality of life, and lifestyle change are just a few of them.


Integrated Medical Services

Employees safety and health is our priority.


Occupational Health Services

Cultivate healthy organisational culture.

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Trainings for a safe working environment.